Saturday, August 8, 2009

WOW again!

Every now and then I am rendered speechless.
It doesn't happen very often now mind you,
but on occasion it does happen.
So I am searching for the words..........
Well, first I'll just tell you about the amazing thing that
happened to me this morning.
Talk about Random Act of Kindness...........
Mary came to pick up her quilt this morning.
You know, the one I posted yesterday.
As she was preparing to leave with her quilt
she asked my husband if he could help her out
with something in her car.
They came back in with THIS:

Her husband John had made me this lovely quilt stand.
I was speechless!
The quilt stand is so beautiful,
but the thought behind it just makes me
feel so honored and cared for.
I've never met John.
I just met Mary for the first time when she brought
me her quilt.

Earlier this week I was having one of those hopeless kind of days.
You know, when you go out and all you
see are rude people.
And you turn on the news and
it is full of crime and violence and hateful things.
I asked God that day to give me patience............
that's what I thought I needed.
Instead, days later He has given me Hope.
He has shown me that there are still wonderful and good and kind people out there.
My cup runnth over.


  1. How cool is that!! Christina's husband has created stuff for her and seems to include me as well and that is how I feel! WOW!!

  2. What a lovely act of kindness, it is nice to hear that they still happen.
    Big Hugs Bec

  3. That is a very nice gesture. I am happy because you are kindness lady. I know that there are still many good people. Tell Jenny that I miss them a lot too. I'm so happy with her visited on my blog!!!