Wednesday, August 5, 2009

150th Post!

Lake Powell...........

What can I say?
Several months ago our daughter-in-law asked if Mike and I would like to enjoy the cool waters at Lake Powell on a houseboat. Her family has made this journey for years, it is one of her all time favorite places and she really wanted to share it with us.

Well, let's just say that I was not thrilled about the prospect.
Lake Powell is located on the Arizona/Utah border
which meant a 5 hour car ride.

The temperature there is about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix.....
making it 100+ degrees.

The idea of sleeping on a mat on top of the houseboat, swimming in
a lake with lots of fish, sharing a houseboat with 10 other people.....
trying to keep my cancer prone skin out of the sun............

Well, lets just say (again) I was not thrilled about going.
But I could not think of one plausible reason NOT to go and share
this experience with my son, DIL, and her family.

So I went........
and as you will see by the pictures.......
I had a really horrible time! LOL
The houseboat was parked in a quiet little cove.
The mountains surrounding us were so very majestic.
Truly God's country.
If you look really, really close you can
see me on the top deck of the houseboat.
I was sitting in a lounge chair reading a book!
I decided to experience all that the lake had to offer.
No, this is NOT me on the ski board!

This is Brian.
I didn't do any skiing, however I DID do this:

No, this is not a picture of me either.
This is the 4 year that was with us (with his dad in tow)
I figured that if a 4 year old could be pulled by a boat
on a rope, then I could surely do it!
So I did and it was fun!

We had daily community swims.
(Several times a day!!!)
On the left side of the picture you can see a mom
with her 4 MONTH old baby in her arms.
and on the far right there is an 84 year old grandma.

This is a shot of the mom and 4 month old.
That darling little baby LOVED being in the water.
She fell asleep in her mom's arms every single time
they went in.
She must have felt like she was back in the womb.
Brian, Jen and I cooling off in the lake.
I had alot of fun on the jet ski!
I think that my top speed was 47mph!
When we were not in the water there were other things to do.
Can you see Mike's red shirt?
He was exploring the mountain.

I loved having a young one to blow bubbles with!
Here we are on the front porch of the boat.

At night we played games.
We all played a really fun game called "Catch Phrase".
What was so cool about it was that everyone could play.
We also went around and each person told what was the
most fun part of the day.

What a lovely "On Golden Pond" kind of picture.
As the sun was going down one evening I snapped this
picture of Brian and Jen paddling off into the sunset.
There were fishing trips 3 times a day.
I didn't have a license, so I didn't go on any of those trips.
Brian was really excited because he caught a really big
stripper. There is no picture and "they put the fish back in the lake"
so I don't know if that was just an old fisherman's tale or not.
Actually, by the excitement in Brian's voice when he retold the story
I could tell that it really did happen.
Here we are in the morning after a night of
sleeping under the stars.
In one of the pictures you can see that I was
wearing a shirt with a
bat on it and the caption said "Bite Me".
When Brian saw the shirt he kinda laughed
and told me how appropriate the shirt was.............
we had bats that swooped down at night!

The end.............


  1. I knew you would have a great time! Sure looks like you did!

  2. Yep, I really did have a great time! I also took my trapunto project and worked on it as well.
    I really can't go anywhere without a quilting project!!!

  3. Oh Tammy, That's really fun. Looks like a spectacular day! You have to love a lot your quilting job to work in it in a place with so much fun.