Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer has officially arrived here in Phoenix.

The news reported that today was the hottest day we have

had so far........108 degrees.

I think that we had a couple of 108 degree days in MAY!

But what do I know........everything they say on the news is


WEll, I've found the perfect way to beat the summer heat.....
Coconut Pineapple ice cream to be exact!
I've got this really cool friend, (cool....get it?) Deb
who operates a food booth at all sorts of fun
Rodeo Days and festivals in the cool pines in AZ and Utah.
Well, Deb visits Restaurant Depot when she is in Phoenix
and can get all sorts of food wholesale. Deb came to pick
up a quilt yesterday and brought me this lovely Ice Cream!
96 servings! Yikes!

My very first job was at Swensons in San Diego
and CocoPine became my very favorite ice cream.
Well, Swenson's has almost disappeared, but I found
that Thrifty started carrying this lovely concoction.
I've been working hard today to finish off a rather large
t-shirt quilt. I've got just a little more work to do on
it and I'll be taking it off the frames tomorrow and will post
a picture.
My husband is all excited about the USA Soccer team beating
the number one Spain team. He is watching the replay right now!
Guess that's it for now!

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