Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Spring Blooms Mini Quilt arrived yesterday!
Isn't it lovely?
It came all wrapped in fabric and a bow
from Rebecca who lives in
Little Mountain, Queensland Australia!
This little quilt is beautifully done and features
3 braided fabric strips that are artfully color
coordinated, blending from winter whites to glorious
golds, into blue skies and finally the greens of Spring!
Then hand appliqued Brodrie Perse butterflies were applied
and lovely machine quilted feathers are
cascading on the side corners.
The back of this little quilt has gorgeous fabric
and already has a hanging sleeve attached!
(sorry Brenda....I didn't do that on yours!)
And of course.....a lovely label!
Best of all I got a great letter from Rebecca telling
me about her family, her homeland and her hobbies.
She is a Longarmer too! How cool is that?
In case you are reading this Rebecca I just want to
say Thank you! You put alot of work into this little quilt
and it will be loved.
I especially love that it came from Australia.
I've had the priviledge of visiting Sydney many years ago
and really enjoyed seeing your country and meeting
up with some very friendly quilters!
I've already signed up for the next swap!
and you can too by clicking on the bright
and cheerful SUN in the right hand margin
of this page!

1 comment:

  1. I'm pleased it arrived and good luck with the apron comp.
    Big hugs Bec