Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's been a really strange day around here today.
First, we are having really strange weather........this morning
it was overcast like it is in San Diego.
Then we got some sprinkles
Sprinkled on and off thru out the day.
It was like the heavens were weeping....
A foreshadowing of the day to come.....

Then I hear the news that Farrah Fawcett has died
and I feel sad, but also happy that she is no longer suffering.
How many girls in the 80's wanted to be like Farrah?
How many boys in the 80's wanted to be with Farrah?
She was definetly an icon of the time from 3's company,
to Charlie's Angels, to doing dramatic films later in her career.

And then we get the news that another huge icon of the 80's and 90's
has died. Michael age age.
I can remember playing Michael Jackson's "Ben" a 45 record on my little barbie record player......over and over and over......when I was growing up. He has been a pretty interesting character over the years.
Extremely talented and gifted as an artist,
but pretty entertaining as a person.
While I think that these two icons were important figures in entertainment history, I'm going to be pretty dismayed
as the news media picks apart every single nuance of thier exsistance
in the coming weeks and months. I already see it coming.
They will be rushing to be the first and the only to report on this or that.

A Quilting Newsflash!
Barbara has finished another quilt!
This beauty is for her grandson.
Each t-shirt square represents a special
rememberance.....from patriotism to sports,
to places and special interests.

I've written about Barbara know
the lady who called me to ask me how much I would charge to
quilt a quilt that she had not even started.............AND was on
her way to class to learn how to make the quilt?
The one who said that she'd probably never do another one?
The one who can't even DRIVE by a Savers without going inside
to look for t-shirts that might fit into one of her quilts?
I think that this one is her 4th quilt and I've got another one
hanging downstairs ready to be quilted!
And I believe that she is already working on her next one!

These will be made into pillow shams!


  1. Yes it is a sad day all round, my sister was a big Michale Jackson fan when growing up. I like the T-shirt quilt have heard of them but haven't seen one. Is it easy to quilt dose the t-shirt stretch when quilting it. I think they are a lovely thing to make some one.

  2. HI Rebecca!
    The t-shirts are stabalized with a very thin iron-on interfacing BEFORE you cut them into a square and sew them together.
    You are right.......if they were not stabalized they would stretch all over the place when you tried to quilt them! ASK ME HOW I KNOW!!! LOL!