Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Quilt finished!
This one belongs to Deb who chose the pattern
BQ2, but Maple Island Quilts.
This is just such a cool pattern.
You can't really tell it from the photo, but I slipped
an extra piece of square batting underneath the sunflowers
and then when I quilted the flowers I got a faux trapunto
look. I left the center of the flower unquilted so it would
puff out and be 3 demensional.
I quilted a Greek key type design in the border.
I wanted to quilt straight boxy lines to reflect
the brown pieced boxes in the quilt top.
This is what the back looks like:
Detail shot of the quilting on the back:
Another detail shot:
Maple Island has alot of really cool quilt patterns.
You can see them here:
I absolutely LOVE their patterns.
I wish I could sew them ALL!
I am currently working on a BQ2 quilt top.
I redesigned the pattern somewhat to accomodate
a rectangular shape instead of a square so I could
utilize one of the Lorilai printed designs.
Maybe I'll even finish it someday!!!!

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