Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cruisin' on a Sunday afternoon

Phew! I just organized my May picture file on the computer and I discovered that May was an extremely busy month!
1. Made and quilted a quilt for my garden area
2. Quilted 7 client quilts
3. Embroidered 5 t-shirts
4. Made covers for 2 outside chaise longues, 3 tables, 4 chairs & 3 pillows
5. Made one toaster cover
6. Attended 2 college graduations
7. Celebrated Mother's Day
8. Attended one surprise party (FOR ME!)
9. Went on a cruise
10. Bought a new car!
11. Hosted Bunko
12. Hosted Sip n Sew
Phew! I'm glad that June is here!
As promised here are some highlights of our recent
Carnival cruise:
This is a picture of the ship from the tender boat that was
taking us to Catalina Island.
Mike and I took an Inland tour of Catalina Island
and this is a picture of the city of Avalon with the cruise ship
in the distance.
The inland tour was pretty boring.........I wouldn't recommend it.
However the views that we got from the top of the hill were stunning!

Jenny and Rafael dancing in the streets of Avalon.
Avalon was a bustling little touristy city.
It was fun to walk around.
Jenny and Rafael chose to go para-sailing here
and had a ton of fun. One of the couples on this boat
got engaged while in the air on the sail!

Here we are on our last night at dinner.
We ate in the formal dining room each night of the cruise.
The food was pretty good!

Our friends Terry and Jo Powell were picked to go up
on stage to play the Marriage game!
The last night of the cruise Mike was chosen out of the audience
at the Vegas Style show to come up on stage and dance.
He did a great job!
Another cool thing about the cruise is that Jenny and Rafael won
a piece of art at the art auction! Earlier in the auction they had given away a piece of art AFTER the auction had taken place. Jenny and Rafael thought that it was going to happen again according to what the auctioneer was saying. They bid up to $240 and "won" the art fully expecting it to really be a give-away. It was a very tense 30-60 seconds before the auctioneer actually said that it was a prize!

On of the most fun activities we attended on the ship was the Dance Party held on the Lido deck. This is a video I took of the very last dance.

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