Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love to read

Really..........I LOVE to read!

Reading takes you away from wherever you are

and plunks you down somewhere else.

You can be in Forks, Seattle one week

and then in Cape Cod the next.
Currently I'm reading a book called

High Season

by Jon Loomis
Murder mysteries are usually not my choice of reading material,
but I picked this book up because it was written by
a classmate whom I attended school with back in Athens, Ohio.
How Cool Is That?
So far I'm enjoying the book.
Basically I'd like to just read the rest of the day
and finish it, but alas, I still have a room to paint
and quilting to do today!
I did find out today that I can get on my Tony Little
exercise machine and read at the same time!
I suppose I could exercise AND read all day.............hum???????

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