Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

And I'd like to be SNORING!
Really I'd like to be curled up under a quilt reading the end
of the last of the Twilight series of books.

We are having the weirdest weather lately.
First a really windy spring, then 100+ temps in May and now
we've got rain! Weird!

As I mentioned before the hot weather provides me a reason to hunker down and stay in the house and I really seem to get alot more accomplished.

I've been doing alot of embroidery and learning a few new things about that.

I made this shirt for my son who has just started golfing and is addicted!

I saw this saying on a shirt that someone was wearing on a hike and thought it was funny and appropriate for a beginning golfer. But Brian was telling me about his golf score on his last game and I guess he is pretty good.......... Oh well, I still think it is a funny shirt.

I've embroidered 4 shirts for our upcoming cruise:

I put an appliqued ship on the front.

(first time I've attempted an embroidered applique)

And this embroidery on the back.

I've also made 2 pillow cases to match the t-shirt quilt
made out of Jen's dad's shirts.

and quilted 2 baby quilts:
I've started packing for our cruise and found this handy dandy little
sewing pouch that my friend Judy made for me one Christmas.
It is a very simple little case. Just a piece of quilted fabric with binding and a button clasp and baggies sewn into the middle. But it is going to be SOOOO handy to take with me on this trip. It fits TWO hand sewing projects!