Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My quilting business is named
"HeartString Quilts"
Quilts that tug at your heartstrings,
because to me that is exactly what quilts do.
Quiltmakers over the years have learned that
Quilts = Love.
Hours of love are poured into making a quilt, from choosing the perfect fabric and colors, to stitching, and quilting and finally finishing it up.
It is said thatwhen you sleep under a quilt you sleep under a blanket of love.
Wrapping a quilt around you is not provides warmth,
but is like being
wrapped into loving arms.
Quilts hold precious memories. Each scrap can be a memory
of a favorite dress, a child's play clothes, a husband's shirt or a
grandmother's apron.
Quilts can also help in a grieving process. There is kind of a
healing process in making a quilt.
My son Brian married a beautiful young woman
about 2 years ago.
They had a lovely wedding with Lots and Lots of family is important to both of them.
Unfortuantely, about 3 weeks after thier marriage
Brian's new father-in-law Ed was tragically killed.
Someone wanted his car...........
He was a family man,
successful businessman,and an all-around nice guy.
What does this have to do with quilts????
Well, the quilt pictured below is no thing of beauty,
but it will be a blanket of love to the son who will receive it.
It contains sports shirts, fishing shirts, work shirts and ties
and scraps of favorite shirts worn by his father.
Ed's wife and children got together and all picked out shirts
to be included in a quilt. Ed's mother-in-law pieced the
shirts together and now I have the honor of quilting them.
It has been 2 years and the grief is still there, but I know that
these quilts will help to continue the healing and also preserve many happy memories.

Ed loved to fish.

And boat

Ed was CEO of a construction company.
I quilted in a hard hat, hammer and screwdriver.

We still miss you Ed, but your memory lives on
in the hearts of the people who love you and in this quilt.

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