Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1

Technology is a wonderful thing! There is always something new to learn.
Blogging seems to be the new thing............and podcasting!
I started my blog last December and promptly forgot about it.

About a month ago I decided that it was time to give it a try again.

Do you think I could remember how I got started? Or my user name

or my password?

So this is my Tip for the Day..............

When you make a new account on the internet,

whether it be a webshot account or a blog or perhaps

one for healthcare or even the public library............

Write it down somewhere! And keep them all together

in one place. You could use your daytimer or you could

even keep a file folder on your computer with all the

important imformation.

Quilting.............I just love it! Don't you? There never seems to be enough time in the day!
I am working on the binding for a quilt for my daughter and future son-in-law. I pieced this quilt when I was on vacation at Mammoth Lakes California last summer. This photo shows the unquilted, on the design wall version, but now the quilting is done and the hand sewing of the binding has begun! Isn't it wonderful? I just love illusion quilts and I love black and white fabric! This pattern is Makaii Baker's book. There are alot of really neat patterns in the book. I'll post the complete information the next time I write.
I've been working on making "green" shopping bags. I received one for Christmas from my quilting buddy Mary. I made one myself a couple of weeks ago and I must admit that I am hooked on them! They are a really great way to use up that fabric that you have stored away. I cut into a georgous piece of Australian fabric to make one yesterday. You know the fabric........the one that you will never ever be able to buy again so you are saving it for something really special. I know you have some of those! We all do! But I've decided that if I make this into a bag that I USE, then I'll be able to see it and love it on a daily basis instead of it being hidden away in the stash!
Here is the link for the "green" bag pattern that I used:
And another one that I found that looks really neat:
On a personal note I must tell you that we are celebrating the "Year of the Wedding" at our house. My daughter is getting married on Nov. 15, 2008 and we are always doing "something" for the wedding. Tonight I spent some time composing an email which I sent to most of my address book. Jenny found a contest to win a Disney honeymoon. She and her fiance, Rafael filmed a video and submitted it. They were picked for the finals! Now the video is online and is competing with 2 other videos to win this vacation. It includes a night in Cinderella's Castle!
Anyone can vote..............just log onto and look for the Disney honeymoon contest. Vote for "C"............that's my daughter!
Well, it's past midnight here and I've really written enough for now!
See you next time!

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