Monday, June 23, 2008

Pennsylvania trip

Today is the day that I"ve chosen to finally clean and re-organize my quilt studio. I think that a fresh new outlook will come with a clean and organized room to work in! Something tells me that it is going to take more than one day! I've got alot of projects going! And alot of stuff!

About a week ago I traveled to Ft. Washington Pennsylvania with my husband who was going to be working there. I took my little Featherweight sewing machine and spent some really blissful days working on projects. Here is a picture of the wonderful workspace in the hotel we were staying at! Last year I had to work on the couch and a coffee table! This was GREAT!

While I was in Pennyslvania I was fortunate to be able to visit Burkholders Fabrics located in Denver, PA and meet with Gina, one of the co-owners of the shop. Gina just happens to be good friends with one of my friends Sally here in Phoenix, so the shop was a must to visit. This shop has lots of fabric, fun projects to look at and friendly people. The "regulars' in the shop told me how lucky they feel to have Burkholders nearby. One of the things they liked best about the store was that it carried the most current fabrics and patterns and there was always something new each time they visited. I could have spent all afternoon there, but as you can see........Mike was out on the porch and the temperatures were nearing 100.........add in the humidity and well, let's just say it was not very pleasant!

Here is a link to thier website:

Update on the Black and white quilt: I started sewing the binding on and discovered that I am about 20 inches short of being able to complete it. So now I am methodically (and frantically) looking for leftover scraps so I can piece it together. (So now you really know why I'm cleaning my studio!) Hopefully I'll find some, if not, I"ll be working on a creative design detail to complete it. (Wish me luck!)
The quilt came from "Strip-Pieced Quilts" Easy Designs from just Six Fabrics by Maaike Bakker.

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