Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, Today is a New DAY! Welcome to my blog! It's the first!

I imagine that I will write about all kinds of things, the thing I do most is QUILT!

Last night I just finished quilting a beautiful floral quilt. The quilt is for a friend
whose mother has recently passed away. Her quilting group made it for her.
I included on the quilt a lovely poem that she wrote after her mother died.
I quilted these words right onto the cloth in a small border:
With every seed I plant, With every Flower that blooms, I will think of you.
With every quilt I sew, I will think of you.
You were my mom and I will always love you.

I thought that the sentiment was lovely and I hope that she enjoys seeing it on the quilt.

Today I'll be working on a T-shirt quilt and watching the first DVD in the third series of LOST!

I'm excited about this blog and hope to learn to post pictures SOON!
Maybe after Christmas.................still got lots of things to do for that!

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