Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for No Bake Cookies

Lots of "N" words were sifting thru my head on my day off from the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.  Naughty, nice, nifty, nothing, nachos, nincompoop, nails, nature, nest, nursery were some of those words.
Gee......Naughty was FIRST?  Weird!

But I finally settled upon NO Bake Cookies.

I love these cookies!  They are my quick go-to recipe when I need to take a little something along to a function.  I usually always have the ingredients on hand, they are super easy, take under 30 minutes to make  and I don't have to turn on the oven to make them.....a big plus since I live in Phoenix and it is super hot in the summer.
Mix 4 simple ingredients.....Milk, sugar, butter and Cocoa powder

I came across the recipe that I use when I was 15 years old and living in San Diego.  I don't remember where I got the recipe, but I do remember that our real estate agent had some of my cookies and asked to publish the recipe in his newsletter to his clients.

I usually mix my sugar and cocoa powder together to
break up any lumps that may be in the cocoa

Stir and boil for 1 minute

Add the next 3 ingredients, mix and plop on some wax paper to set up

There are a lot of recipes out there for No Bake cookies.
Here is my "tweaked over the years" recipe:  

Tammy's No Bake Cookies

1 stick of butter
1/2 cup milk
2 cups sugar
2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder

Melt butter in a large saucepan and add in remaining ingredients.
Stir and boil for 1 minute.


2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons vanilla
3 cups quick oats

Scoop this mixture out by the spoonful and drop onto wax paper
Then try and wait until they harden before you eat them!
Go ahead.........try to wait!

Notice the empty spot?
I couldn't wait.

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Have a nice day!
or naughty............your choice.



  1. I love No Bake Cookies, but I haven't made them in a while. Guess I need to add the ingredients to this week's grocery list. :)

  2. I haven't thought about No-Bake cookies in a long time. I used to make them -- need to do that again.

  3. Hey Tammy, Sounds like these would be really yummy. Think me and my daughter will make a batch this week during spring vacation. It will be a long week and this will be a good activity to kill time and also will provide her with a good snack for the rest of the week. Thanks for sharing.-Debbie

  4. These cookies (or some very similar ones) were a staple in my house when I was growing up. I haven't had them in probably 15 years. I know what I'll be making later tonight!