Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Happy Monday!
What a great weekend spent with my family!
We celebrated our DIL's birthday with
a homemade pizza party.
I just love rolling out that homemade dough and making
my own little pizza!

While it was a great weekend I was happy to
get back to my studio this morning and work on a
couple of projects that I have going.
Below you will see 2 t-shirt quilts that are in progress.

Yes, this one is a t-shirt quilt.
Since I do alot of t-shirt quilts and I really hate
to discard any useful fabric, I have alot of
large squares of t-shirt backs.
About a year ago I thought that I would try to do
some embroidery on those squares and
lo and behold they turned out great!
I framed those squares today with fabric
and now I'm stuck.
I'm not happy with the size and it
obviously needs something else.
Maybe another frame around each one?
And a border fabric?
Or should I embroider 3 more squares to make
it a rectangle instead of a square quilt?
Any comments would be appreciated..........

Another t-shirt quilt in progress is this one filled
with sports shirts. 
This one is for a customer who is having me make it for her son
out of his pre-high school shirts. 
This young man came over to choose the shirts he wanted included
and I was impressed with his thoughtful creative choices
and very polite manner.

Here is our littlest pizza maker.
She did a fantastic job working her dough
and was very serious about it!
I predict a love of cooking in her future.

Enjoy your week,

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