Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had a Pinterest Party!

Okay, I didn't really have a ~Pinterest~ party.
It was really just my turn to have Bunko at my house,
but I've been pinning tons of interesting recipes and hosting
bunko gave me a great excuse to make up some of these very
tasty treats!

I've been seeing all sorts of wonderfully coordinated party themes online and most of them have made little labels for all of the food.
So the day before the event I made up little labels and taped them to a skewer.
OMG!  Besides being really cute at the party they were super helpful
while I was trying to organize all of the ingrediants the day of!
We started off with Flavored Water
found  Here on Nancy Creative's blog.
Truthfully, we all FINISHED with the
flavored water at the end of the night.........

We all STARTED with a little glass of Margarita.
I usually put together my own recipe for a margarita
pitcher.  I start with one can of Limeade, then fill that can with
water and fill the can again with tequila and mix together in the pitcher. 
Since that didn't fill my pitcher I filled the can again with one of those
margarita mixes, then topped off the pitcher with tequila.
Sheesh, they were good and the pitcher was bone dry at the
end of the evening.......and I kept refilling it til I ran out of ingredients! 

This picture shows the Cucumber Chicken bites found on

The cucumber sandwiches were pretty yummy, but
I had some leftover chicken and had used up all the cucumber so
I decided to toast up
some sourdough bread rounds and make some little sandwiches with them.
(Well, actually JENNY toasted up the sourdough rounds,
but I had cut them out the day before!) 
Can you say TASTY?

These little Caprese bites came from Terri's Table
Fresh basil, grape tomatoes and little mozzerella pearls.

When I do a party I like to have a theme.
The closest "holiday" is St. Patrick's day so that became my theme.
I had these little plastic shot glasses tucked away in my holiday box, so I used them to create "Pot of Gold Sticks" from green, red, yellow and orange peppers.
Inspiration for this dish came from  here .

Carmel apple bites came from here.

I loved the Pizza on a stick recipe that I found on
This little appetizer were very tasty, however they turned
out a little too big to fit on a stick.  Guess I'll need to try this recipe again and maybe I'll get them to look just as good as they taste!
These rainbow fruit kabobs started the whole theme for St. Patrick's day.
What a clever idea found on Pinterest. 
No link was found with the picture so I can't credit the pinner.

I LOVE this little appetizer found on
There are tons of cute little sliders and shooters and snackies, OH MY!
I wanted to make them all!
These cute glasses that I found at Ross are filled with Butternut squash soup and topped with a toasted cheese triangle.

What St. Patty's day party is complete without some
Irish Spuds?
These tasty morsels were found at Sea Salt with Food.
We changed the spices up quite abit using only butter, olive oil
and some garlic powder in the cooking portion. 
Jenny creatively added a mozzerella pearl on top of each mini potato
and when they melted down...... ummmm, lip smacking good!

I forgot to take a picture of the dessert, but I'm pretty sure I'll be making it again soon, so I'll post about that at a later date.
I made a deconstructed Mini Key Lime pie in a cute little mason jar.

At the beginning of the evening I felt a little bad that I had gone so overboard with the amount of food I had prepared. 
Our bunko group used to have dinner before we played, then
decided we should cut back and just have snacks.
Appetizers are snacks, right?
I stopped feeling bad when I realized that at the end of the evening
the plates were mostly empty!

A fun night was had by all and I so love and appreciate my
bunko buddies.
I feel so honored to be friends
with such a unique and wonderful group of ladies.

til next time,

Pretty Irish Lass

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