Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing, Awesome day

So today was my birthday and I was given so many gifts that my heart is nearly bursting.

It was a pretty ordinary day.  I spent alot of it with my precious granddaughter.  She wasn't feeling too hot or actually she WAS feeling hot and really under the weather.  But when she looked at me with her trusting eyes and laughed at my simple attempts to keep her distracted.....just filled my heart with love.

Jenny and Mia took me out to breakfast this morning.  I just LOVE breakfast out!  Eggs and hashbrowns and toast.......Love it!  Why?  I don't know, but I really do love it!

I loved getting the many birthday wishes from friends on Facebook.
I REALLY loved the pictures that my mom uploaded of me when I was little.

I have the most awesome kids in the world.  They all planned this elaborate surprise for my birthday.  We were supposed to be going to Brian and Jen's for dinner tonight, but the surprise party was actually held at Caramba' of my favorite places to celebrate practically ANY occasion.  Jen contacted a BUNCH of my friends, Jen and Jenny concocted great stories to get me there and surprise me.  Overwhelmed.  Loved.  Special.  Words to describe how I felt when I walked into Caramba's.

It's late, I'm tired.  I'll probably sleep really well after having such a wonderful day.  Thanks to all who have made me feel so special today.

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