Sunday, March 13, 2011

HeartString Quilts 1st Charity Sew-In

What a great day!
We had a very successful first  Charity Sew-In today!
My friend Kathy and I have been talking about doing this for some time
and today we finally DID IT!

Kathy arrived at my house with a TON of fabric
and started right away started making Kits!
Kathy is known as the Kit she EARNED the title!

My daughter Jenny and granddaughter Mia came to help,
along with Berta and her daughter Mo, Sharon, Cheryl,
Sally, Joanne, Katrina, and Lindsay.

We had a kit making station, sewing station, ironing station,
longarm station and design station
and finished 3 quilt tops, almost finished a fourth,
quilted one top and MADE 32 KITS complete with backing!

Berta worked on this top for Camp Reach for the Stars.

Monique worked on sorting 5 " squares.

Cheryl, Berta and Sharon put the pedal to the metal
 and made those sewing machines HUM!

Jenny and Kathy and Sally (not pictured here)
worked on cutting 1 yard pieces of fabric,
color coordinating that fabric, choosing an appropriate pattern and
combining them into beautiful kits!

Monique (and Lindsay not pictured here)
took a turn at longarming.

and of course had her turn working with Mia!

Joanne matching up squares
and sewing them all together.

Quilting all finished on this one.

3 finished quilt tops ready for backs and quilting.


We really did have a fun day.
Some of us took a couple of kits home so we can
sew them and bring them back to be quilted and ultimately
donated to Project Linus.
So if you are reading  this and live in the Phoenix area,
come on by and pick up a quilt kit to sew and donate!

God Bless!


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  1. Tammy,how much I would like to live close by you and be able to help. Looking at photos, I imagined myself as pretty by helping charity. At least I had organized the kits. You dont' know how I like to learn to make quilts. I hope one day I can give some digital scrapping classes to you and I take some of quilters.
    Love always and big hug for you...I love the way you share with your friends!!!.....I love Mia help you!!!