Monday, February 28, 2011

The last two monday nights have found me at Great Skate.
What great fun!
It's been about 10 years since I last skated and I was AFRAID....very afraid to go now.
The last time I was at the rink I fell and fell hard!
Took about 6 months to heal so I quit skating after that, but I
So I'm skating again, but I will admit that I am very cautious!

Now I started skating many, many years ago and I've got
to tell you......ALOT of things have changed!
Like the picture below......texting while skating!
 And I have NEVER seen a stroller with a baby inside on the skating rink!
There were not too many people on the floor tonight, but LAST week it was packed and they had a stroller out there.
They have also come up with these PVC pipe contraptions to help beginning skaters.  They are pretty cool.........EXCEPT when those beginning skaters decide they want to leave the middle and cross straight across in front of a ton of skaters.  Kinda like crossing the freeway during rush hour!

 Hi Kathy!
You look great!
Back in the day, I used to be able to backskate.
Made it 1/2 way around the rink tonight before I ran into a wall
so I decided that going forward was good enough for me!

 Close up of the beginning skater helper.
I learned to skate in my basement back in Ohio
using those metal key skates
(remember those?  they tightened onto your shoes?)
and two brooms to hold me up! worked!

Next week I will be celebrating a birthday
and I've decided that I want a roller skating party!
So next Monday night if you are in the area
make sure and join me at Great Skate!
Do you think they would play a special song for me?
When I used to go roller skating back at
Dow Roller skating rink in Nelsonville, Ohio
they ALWAYS played
Tammy Wynette   "Stand by your Man"
Now THAT was a few years ago!
They probably wouldn't even have the song available.
AND if they played it all of the other skaters would groan!

Here is a pic of my sweet granddaughter taken today.
She is such a precious child and
never ceases to amaze me!
I'm going to start bragging now...just wanted to let you know.
She does all the usual fun baby, laugh, sit up.....
But today I realized that she understands when I talk
to her and can perform simple tasks when I ask her!
One of the things I did today was ask her to grab my finger
and pointed to the hand I wanted her to use.
Then I asked her to use the other hand
and then both hands!
She is so amazing and smart.

Yep....I'm a pretty proud grandma!

Lots of love!

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