Saturday, July 10, 2010


I finally got to spend some time in my studio today and this
is one of the things that I made.
Well, all I really did was embroider Mia's name on this little dress.
Oh, and I did make the headband to match.
You can buy the stretchy ribbon at Hobby Lobby and just
sew it together.
I also bought at Hobby Lobby a bouquet of flowers and I pulled
off the flower head, removed the hard plastic part, hot glue gunned
the petals together and then hot glued it onto a hair clip
so it can be mixed and matched with various headbands and outfits.

I also spent some time ironing the baby clothes I had handwashed
earlier in the day.
I took such care with them because they were mine when I was little.
I remember a story that my mom told me about my
cousin Diane coming to visit from California and helping mom
iron my little dresses. 
WOW!  I ironed those little dresses today and it was
a heck of alot of work!!!!
It made me pretty thankful for the wash and wear type fabrics
that I had when my kids were little.  I can't imagine having to iron
all of my kids clothing!
I think the dress on the right was my Christening dress.
Here is my baby girl at 41 weeks.
Hopefully I'll be a grandma very soon!

grammy tammy

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  1. How wonderful that you can keep those beautiful dresses. I just keep from my first communion. Love this!! Maybe Mia get to wear some of them? It would be nice if you take some pictures.