Monday, March 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Design wall Monday has come and gone lately with nothing new
on it, but today I have a very important quilt on it!
This quilt will contain the greetings from the
baby shower attendees from yesterday.

Here is a close-up of a couple of the blocks:

This is just the beginning.  I'll sew these blocks together and add special touches.
Like I know that this mother is decorating her nursery with butterflies, so I am planning on adding some butterflies.... appliqued, embroidered and probably quilted in as well.  I won't finish this quilt until AFTER the wee babe is born so I can add in the time she was born and weight. 

Here is another baby quilt that I designed for a baby shower:
Mom to be was decorating with a giraffe theme.


  1. love the little giraffe quilt-so cute!

  2. Very special baby gifts! Love your unique additions that make these one of a kind!