Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Night Quilters Round Robin Quilt Show

Finally Finished!!
This is my Friday Night Quilters Round Robin Quilt!
Four ladies from this group participated in this project.
We all made a center square and passed it on to the next person in line.
We used the guidelines from "Quilter's Home" magazine.
The second "round" had to be 3" and contain triangles.
The third round had to be turned on point and appliqued.
The fourth round had to be 4 " and have rectangles.
and the last round had to have circles.

Here is Linda's quilt:

And here is Kerry's quilt:

And Here is Sharon's quilt:

Aren't they beautiful?
They will all hang together at the
Arizona Quilters Guild show
on March 11-13.


  1. Wow they are all wonderful and so diffrent. The quilting on yours is amazing and worth the time you have taken. Are the going to be judged in the show, if so good luck to you all.
    Big Hugs Bec

  2. Hi Bec! thank you for your lovely comments. We are not going to have these quilts judged since they are group quilts. I suppose we could have but we wanted them to all hang together and if they were judged I don't think that could happen.