Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arizona Centenial Quilt Project

Did you know that in February 2012
Arizona will be 100 years old?
What better way to celebrate than to make a quilt?
This quilt is the brainchild of Wanda who has gathered
a large group of quilters together to see this quilt from
a dream in her head to a quilt that someday will have its
home hanging in our State capitol.
I've been working on the design team, something that I have
never been involved in before, and yesterday we met to
finalize the design and draw the patterns.
Here we are hard at work making up the pattern packages.

Look all the way down to the end of the table
and on the wall you can see the very large paper
that has been taped up on the wall and on it are all
of the little tracing paper designs of places of importance
that represent Arizona.

These two pictures are close-ups of
the drawings.

In this drawing you can see Yuma Territorial Prison,
a stage coach, date palms and London Bridge to name a few.
It is going to be so exciting to see the end product after
being involved in the humble beginnings.
This project is really big in scope since Wanda wants quilters
from all over the state to be involved so the quilt is being made
in panels so each panel can travel to various parts of the state.
Pretty cool!
Since the day was so beautiful yesterday Mike and I were
able to get in a 3 mile training hike and when I got home
I was finally able to try out the computer disc in the embroidery
machine and this is what I made:

It is time to start making baby things ya know.
Have I mentioned that I'm going to be a gramma?

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