Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today started out bright and sunny and full of possibilities.

Jazzercise was great and really roomy since the New year resolution

folks are starting to thin out! lol!

Returning home after running several errands I started in working on my computer trying to create a disc from my embroidery files that I could then take and put in the embroidery machine. No luck. Just couldn't figure it out! So I did my version of slamming the computer (gently) shut and vowing that I was FINISHED! So I stomped over to the quilting frames to work on Gale's quilt which I really should have been working on in the first place!!! Right about this time the storm clouds started forming outside and the wind started blowing.

Wouldn't ya know it...........I have bobbin trouble on the quilt machine.

It just wasn't my day. I really wanted to throw in the towel and take a nap!
The rain outside was really coming down now!

But I perservered and unwound the bobbin, rewound it and finished up the quilt.

With one project under my belt I decided to tackle the computer again and this time was also successful! Hurray!

And my reward for these accomplishments was that just about this time Kathy called and was going over to Quiltz. We met up and went together and I was so pleased to have found the perfect fabric to go with the quilt hanging on my design wall.

Here is a picture:

I think it will be just perfect

and I can't wait to work on it!

I finished my day with a nice phone chat with my son,

And one with my mom, and then a drink, dinner and a movie

with my husband.

Farewell for now.........tomorrow is another day.

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