Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Monday Post!

The weekend was fun-filled starting with Friday.
Carole and Christina have been teaching me the ins and
outs of machine embroidery so I will be teaching them
the ins and outs of longarm machine quilting!
We started this Friday on a Christmas wallhanging.
They did a great job!

We are working on a Christmas panel
and will do a Christmas project once a month
so perhaps we will have some finished projects
before next Christmas rolls around.

Saturday and Sunday were absolutely
beautiful here in Phoenix. On Saturday Mike
and I hiked 7 1/2 miles in Thunderbird Park
in preparation for the 15 mile hike that we are
signed up for NEXT Saturday.
I came home and raked leaves and then took a nap!

On Sunday I trimmed back the flowering bushes
in my front garden, cleaned out all of the leaves
and then planed some pansy's, geraniums and snapdragons.
I figured that the rain they were predicting for this
week would be really good for the new flowers.

Here is my Jenny at 16 weeks.
Her little bump is showing!
AND she thinks that she may just
have felt a little kick this morning.

Have you ever heard of the Wedding Ring
baby gender prediction test?
Well, you take your wedding ring and tie it on
a string and hold it over your tummy.
If the ring sways in a circular pattern then
it is a girl,
If the ring sways back and forth then the baby is a boy.
Well..........unfortunately the ring swayed in a circle and
then back and forth. Guess we'll wait for the ultrasound! LOL!

However the ring was perfectly still for Rafael.
No baby there!

I've got Gail's Football quilt on the frames
right now. Hopefully I'll have that finished

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