Friday, August 20, 2010


Finally Finished!
I've been working on this t-shirt quilt on and off for some time now.
And I'm really happy to say that it is
Isn't it cute?
I am so pleased with how it turned out!
Melinda gave me a big bag of really cool shirts
some time ago.
Her fav colors are yellow and red AND she
wanted the quilt to be made with FLANNEL!
I just couldn't get into making the quilt out of flannel
because I could not find any flannel that enhanced
the shirts.
I finally convinced her that having flannel on the BACK
of the quilt would still be quite cosy.
So today I was determined to finish this quilt.
Do you have any idea how heavy a 30 shirt t-shirt quilt is?
Oh....especially one made with FLANNEL?
I spent a great deal of time today pushing and pulling and lugging that quilt
thru the sewing machine while
attaching the binding!
Oh....did I mention that it was about a million degrees in my house today?
Okay.......I'm done whining.........
The quilt is finished and it turned out gorgeous!

I spent a few hours today over at Patrick Lose's studio working
on quilts that will be going into his new BABY book.
I pieced a very cute little quilt that will be on the cover of the book.
Made me want to come home and make one up for my
sweet little grandbaby!
Guess I'll have to wait until the book comes out
so I'll have a pattern!

Can't close a post without a picture of my precious angel.
Mike and I are going to babysit for the whole night tomorrow night.
Wish us luck!
It's been awhile since I've had to get up during the night with
an infant.
So with that in mind I think I'd better close and get some sleep!

til we meet again,

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