Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Night Fun

For the second friday in a row I've found myself sewing at
Patrick Lose's studio.
Last night the Friday Night Quilter's met up there to sew.
It's been a long time since we have ACTUALLY SEWN!
What a wonderful feeling!

Cheryl finished up a back for her latest quilt.
The backs of Cheryl's quilts are ALWAYS interesting.
Interestingly enough this is a quilt that I started
many, many years ago.
It is an I Spy quilt that I was making using a variety of fun focus fabrics.
It was a project that I didn't think I would ever finish so I passed
it on to Cheryl's mom.
She worked on it and then it was passed on to Cheryl.
This will be going to Cheryl's new grandbaby.
I mentioned that I, too, had a new grandbaby,
but well, she wasn't willing to give it back to me.

Joanne was working on her annual doll.
Each year for her grandaughter's birthday she has made an original doll.
I always marvel at her creativity.
Dolly is working on making bags out of Capri Sun containers.
Like mother, like daughter.....creativity seems to run in the fam.

Cynthia was working on a paper pieced project.
AND brought in a really fun quilt to share.
Wish I snapped a photo!

Since I could not sleep the night before I had all of these
blocks cut and ready to sew.
Whoo hoo!  I finished them all!
Here are all of the finished blocks for the quilt.
Now comes the interesting part of arranging them into a quilt top.

Guess that's it for now.....
sleep well all,

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