Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work day

What a great day yesterday!
I was able to accomplish alot!
First off I finally finished piecing the top that has
been on my design wall for weeks!
This is a Maple Island pattern called
BQ2 that I redesigned to
fit a rectangular shape instead of a square.

I love the red fabric with the yellow daisy flowers.
Now to get it quilted!

I quilted a little quilt yesterday.
This is another quilt that will go
to Camp Reach for the Sky.

This little quilt does not photograph well.
The actual quilt is beautiful!
The black and silver fabric is very glitzy and shiny!
This quilt is going to make some child very happy!

In between quilting and piecing I did a little embroidery.
I made this happy little motif:

And this shirt for my daughter:

While I was quilting I also worked
on transfering my VHS tapes to DVD.
Yesterday I watched the birth of my daughter.
So hard to imagine that she will be having my
first grandchild in July.

Today is the day that Jenny goes for her ultrasound.
We just may find out today if she is having a girl or a boy!

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