Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Winey Saturday night

Just another winey Saturday night here in AZ.
Mike and I have been talking about hosting a
wine tasting party
for some time now.
Key words......."talking about"
Our friends Bob and Jenni
finally took the bull by the horns and
actually SCHEDULED IT!

So here is the group
all sitting around a lovely table
filled with friends, food and WINE!
We met some new people
and tried a few new wines......

11 people......11 bottles
Well actually the 1st bottle did not really count.
Mike brought a bottle of Boones Farm
for old times sake.
It took many of the folks back to
the "good ole days"
when they were in college and Boone's Farm was
the wine of choice....
OR the wine they could afford!  LOL!

We all had wine charms on our glasses and
at the end of the evening we took off the wine
charm and "voted" for the wine
we liked the best.
The person who brought the "winning" wine
got a prize!

This wine, while having a really interesting label,
was not one of the better wines.
Mike brought this one back from one of his
many trips to India.
Not sure if it just did not travel well,
or just was not a great wine in the first place.

All in all we had a very lovely evening with old
and new friends.


  1. What a great night to spend with friends. Food, wine and friends what more is there to life ( ops quilting).
    Hugs Bec

    PS Hope your daughter is doing well......

  2. Thanks Bec!
    Jenny is doing great!
    We'll have the opportunity to find out if she is having a boy or girl on Tuesday!

    Last night was fun......we did some TALKING about quilting! So it's all good!