Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Great news today!
Rafael and Jenny went in for an ultrasound today
and the results are the they will be the proud
parents of a healthy baby girl.
I've been busy making these pull over the head
baby bibs that I loved when my kids were little.

Click Here to find the pattern.

I really like this embroidery!
Can you tell?

So I've got a story to tell you.
Last friday I attended the Rusty Barn Craft and Sewing Festival
with my friends Carole and Christina and Ramona.
We were to meet at Mimi's at 8:30am.
The show did not open til 10am and it is about
20 minutes away so I figured
that we were having breakfast at Mimi's
and I'm ALWAYS ready for breakfast
(my favorite meal out!)
So I get there and find out that they just
 MEET at Mimi's.
Turns out they wanted to go down and get in line early.
They kept babbling about being one of the first
100 people in line because of a great give-away bag.
So we get there about 45 minutes before the doors
open and get in line.
About 15 minutes before they opened the doors
a man came by and gave out blue tickets
to the first 100 people in line.
(I guess last year there were ladies rushing over
to the Mulqueens booth for the free give-away bag
and there were some pushing and shoving and someone got hurt!)

Here is a picture of the bag of goodies:

Now I understand why they wanted to make sure and be there so early!
Look at all the loot that was in the bag!
You can bet that next year.......
I'll be in line early!
Thank you Mulqueen Sewing Center!!!


  1. A girl, what joy! Please Tammy, tell to both how happy I am. It's a great blessing. The baby bibs are super beautiful, I did some of these for my kids and some clothes, sandals and many bows to my twins. What's lucky baby to have a grandmother with many skills. Congratulations!

  2. WOW a little girl how great and a special spot in grandads heart for sure. I wish her all the best and I like your bag of goodies.
    Hugs Bec