Friday, February 26, 2010

Let the countdown begin

In keeping with my Queen of the last minute status
I am starting to get a little nervous about my quilt show entry
that is due to be turned in one week from today.
I still need to quilt it, bind it, label it and
make and attach a sleeve.
I did complete the back this evening

AND get the quilt on the frame
and I did a wee bit of quilting on it.

 I have been working on various projects the last couple of days
and here are some of the things I have completed:

Lovely right?  Well to a stray dog or cat at the animal shelter this really
will be lovely.  I save all my scraps of fabric and batting and sew them up
into a usable bed to donate to the shelter.

I quilted this quilt for Tallie.
She has a brother that is sick so
Tallie got her family members to draw out their hands
and write a little message on a heart
and she will be giving this to her brother ASAP!
He really needs this Blanket of Love.

I'll be attending a baby shower on Saturday
and I made up this little shirt to give
to the Big sister.

And this cute bib for the soon to be born baby:
One of my jazzercise instructors is the mother to be
so I created a bib that said "Jazzerbaby"
This Snowman will be the start of my Winter mini quilt swap. is almost 1:30am and my eyes are really drooping
So I think that it just might be time to shut down the compter
and get some sleep.

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