Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goddess of the last minute....again

This Goddess of the last minute thing is getting to be a habit with me....

Last week I attended the Anita Goodesign workshop
here in Phoenix and during his presentation Steve Wilson
asked the question....."how many of you start a gift the
day before you need to give it?"  
My answer to that question was....."sometimes I start
it in the MORNING before I give it!"

 Well, I've beat my own record!
We were to attend the birthday of my daughter-in-laws
granddmother's 85th birthday today at 4PM.
AT 3:15 I decided I needed a card and not just
any ole card would do for an 85th birthday!

So I created this custom card on my embroidery software,
downloaded the file onto a floppy disc that would
run my embroidery machine
and stitiched out this little card:

The card took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
I even added some fancy corners with my scrapbooking supplies.
I am looking forward to making up some more of these cards......
but next time I plan on doing it at least the DAY before the time needed!

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