Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and that.......

Lookee what I found on my mom's bed...........

This is a pillow that I made for her back in the very early 1980's.

Upon closer inspection you will see that it is HAND QUILTED

with contrasting thread no less!

You hardly ever catch me hand quilting anymore!

I can remember when that red & white flower fabric

was a curtain hanging in mom's bathroom!

Have you ever had one of those days

where you just don't know how to feel?

While working in my studio today I listened to/watched

the memorial service for Michael Jackson.

While I really enjoyed MJ music, I'm not really a person

given to "worshiping" stars.

But I've got to say that I was really impressed with the

service today. It was part a rememberance, part performance,

part spiritual, and sometimes part platform for another agenda.

The cynical side of me saw people using this time to promote something other than the purpose of the day.

But the side of me that feels deeply saw people of great faith

saying goodbye to a person who did some incredible things on this earth.

While I spent much of the day processing my feelings about all the hoopla

a bomb went off in my quilt studio!

Actually I decided to look in my closet to see if I could find any

large pieces of batting to use for a charity quilt.

And I ended up completely emptying the closet

and spend alot of the day sorting thru a STUFF!

What a mess!

While listening and sorting I also finished

up Block 5 in my Haunted House wallhanging:

And I also put together a quillow for a friends little boy.
It's not quite all finished yet........just needs to go on the longarm
for a few stitches.........maybe I'll finish that tomorrow.......
But for now.........it's bedtime!


  1. Sounds like a full day. It's very easy to get side tracked some days and this sounds like one of those days.
    Big Hugs

  2. Looks like you had a busy weekend! Your block #5 is looking really good!! Carole

  3. I like your Haunted House wall hanging. It will be very fun when you're done!