Friday, July 10, 2009

It's time to paint!

Uh, oh.........I've got the paint out again............

Last summer before our daughters wedding we decided

to finally get new carpet.

Well, you know that when you get new carpet

then you need to paint beforehand

and when you paint and get new carpet

then the old furniture looks, well, old.

So I made this decision to paint an accent wall in my hallway

and living room this color:

I happen to really like turquiose, but I just couldn't

seem to make it matter what I tried.

Yesterday I ended up painting this lovely blue OVER

the turquiose using a faux painting technique that

allows the turquoise to show thru a little.

So this is what the wall looks like now:

I've got a beautiful quilt that this wall will frame nicely!

I've just got to get my son to come over and help me move

furniture around before I start putting stuff on the wall!
Of course you know that this means that I start
all over...........Curtains will need to be changed now...
kitchen paint looks out of place with the new paint
and on and on and on.........

I also managed to finish up this quilt for Gail yesterday.

And just this afternoon I put some quilting stitching on
this quillow for our friends young son who will be 3 years old in August.

Now I"m off to the store to try and match up some silver
thread that I have been using on my Haunted House embroidery.
I sure hope that I can find the same color!


  1. You sure make me look lazy.... I was hoping to see another Halloween block done and I find you are once again painting etc... I just printed off a color list for the new Santa's Visit Tile scene that came out for July. Must get my thread in order. Carole

  2. I actually have block 6 about half done, but I am almost out of one of the gray threads I am using so I need to locate that thread. I'm going to Joanne's tomorrow and hopefully I will find it there.