Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilt Festival - Fall 2009

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the Fall 2009 Quilt Festival.
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have put on thier blogs!
Love in the Cabin

Quilt designed by Tammy Baldi
Completed approx. Fall 2004.
I chose this quilt for the quilt festival because
it has a really neat story.
The Friday Night quilters had a strip swap
with the assumption that we would ALL make a
quilt from the strips we were given.
The only rules for the quilt were that it was to be
a Log Cabin and it should have a red center.
I believe 8 of us finished our quilts and they hung
together at our guild's quilt show.
It was so neat to see the variety of patterns
and the creativity that evolved from this challenge.
We all used the SAME fabric, but the quilt were all
very different and quite beautiful.
I only with I had digital photos of all of the quilts!
In making my log cabin quilt I used a traditional log
cabin pattern, but I wanted to create a curved rainbow
border. The hearts that grace the centers are made
from teeny tiny scraps placed in gradating colors on a
foundation base and then free motion quilted to hold
them all together. The heart was then cut out and
appliqued onto the quilt.


  1. Gorgeous. All the different elements make for a lovely, unusual log cabin design.

  2. Grand idea to applique a heart in the log cabin center--really, a heart in the home is perfect!

    Great quilt.

    --ELIZABETH E, #115

  3. I love all the different colors you used on the ribbon border. Great quit and good luck!

  4. Nice just HAVE to love these joint creations ! Such a tangible object of love and friendship.

  5. What a lovely quilt! I love your curved rainbow border-- it is fabulous!

  6. Such a neat idea to have so many people embark on a project with the same materials. would love to see some of the other creations!

  7. I love log cabin quilts - you have created a gorgeous quilt- I especially liked the hearts that you added to the quilt.
    Hope you are enjoying all the beautiful quilts in the show.
    Warmest regards,