Monday, October 5, 2009

Pines and Needles Quilt camp

Ahhh, Quilt Camp........

Picture this.......

A lovely little cabin in the middle of a forest of pine trees.

A cool breeze making rustling sounds in the tree tops and

the tall grasses swaying in the wind.

Sounds of elk calling to thier mates.

The smell of a campfire burning.

Home cooked meals.

A comfy bed with a quilt on it.

Quilts adorning the walls everywhere you look.

A big sewing room filled with friends sewing to thier hearts content.

For a small view into the lives of our 10 campers

here is a pictorial view of the quilting weekend:

Linda started our weekend off by showing us the finished

version of her Round Robin that we had participated in

earlier this year.

The front AND the back are lovely.

We graced the design wall with some of the

little quilts we have been making to send off to

Ami Simms for auction.

Mary had the first finished project of the day with this

lovely fall table runner.

Have a look and see if you can find the clack charm squares......

A few months back most of us signed up to

do a Fabulous Fall Mini-quilt swap.

Here are the results:

Four of us brave souls decided that it was a great day

for a hike in the woods. What a delightful trek thru the woods.

We came upon this cute little squirrel munching on

something up in the tree!

This was a little chilling.............

United States Forest Service (USFS)


We couldn't help but wonder what had happened there,

but finally decided that it must have been someone unlawfully

cutting down this huge tree.....perhaps for the beams it could provide.

One night Killer got thirsty................

but, oh no! He must have fallen in!

I wonder who the culprits could have been?

Mary with her new 2 1/2" strip project.

These blocks will be part of a 2 twin sized quilts.

I can't believe how quickly she was busting out these difficult blocks!

Judy was the big winner in Left Right Center.

She won 30 Fat Quarters!

Get busy Judy.........we expect to see a quilt made!

Oh NO! Some one must have put Killer on ice!

He was wearing an ice cube body cast!

Watch out time it could be concrete shoes!

Joanne's granddaughter will be 11 this week

and she has a tradition of making her a doll for

every birthday.

This doll started as a couple of wires found in the garage,

but with the creative genius of Joanne turned into this

beautiful work of art!

Linda put together this quilt top in a hurry!

Can't believe how fast she is!

This is to become a Christmas tree skirt.

Dolly whipped out this beautiful baby quilt in no time!

Cheryl designed this warm and fuzzy quilt for

the new grandbaby she is expecting in the spring.

This is the FIRST grandbaby!

Katrina made a monkey suit for her

1st grandson's halloween costume.

It was really cute when she modeled the

ears, but I didn't get a picture of that...........

I makes me sad too!

Judy made this baby quilt.

She has these VERY PROLIFIC neighbor children

who keep having babies.

Once you start something it sure it hard to stop!

Ah, she doesn't really want to gives her

a reason to make quilts!

Princess Pretty Butt was in rare form.

(NOW THERE"S a story! But I won't go into it at this time!)

She stopped her work from time to time to grace us with her

wisdom with wonderful "simple tips for quilters"

Princess Pretty Butt was elevated to QUEEN status

on this trip, but I can't seem to remember the name at this writing.

Must not have been as catchy as "Princess Pretty Butt".

In addition to working on a t-shirt quilt,

Kathy started this lively strip quilt.

Kerry started this nutcracker project

back at our very first quilt camp.

In 1999? or was it 2000?

She is very hopeful that it will grace her wall

this coming Christmas.

I finished up one quilt top that can't be shown here

since it MAY be finished by Christmas and become a gift.

But I also made a plethoria of tablerunners

and the micro mitts, pillow case, and surgical caps shown below.

One of the ladies in our group is a surgical nurse and

requested that we make some fun surgical caps for

the young patients who come thru her hospital.

The 2 stuffed, blue pillowcases are filled with

all of the fabric scraps that would have been thrown away

this weekend.

Instead we filled the bags, sewed them across the top

and they will be donated to the Humane Society so

a dog or cat can have a comfy bed.

What a cool idea.........Thanks for sharing this tip with me Carla!

Wow! That was a long pictorial journey.

Hope you enjoyed it!

and remember when in doubt........

Lick it! Lick it!

Don't Waste it!


  1. That was a fun quilt show...lots of photos to did a great job on the post!

  2. Looks like you had a fun, productive retreat. Great quilts!

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous ! Your description of your quilt camp was glorious !

    Our quilt camp was held in a bank's community room, not a pine forest cabin, but I miss it all the same. For two days, we spread out all our work all over tables and the floor, filled the little kitchen area with our crockpots and homemade bread and huge kettles of beef vegetable soup and sewed and laughed and made memories along with the quilts !

    Treasure every moment with those girls, and please pray that I find myself part of another wonderful group like that again .

  4. Like the table runners. What's the pattern?