Friday, August 28, 2009

Onward to Ketchikan

We arrived in Ketchikan with no excursions planned,
so we went to the Great Alaskian Lumberjack Show.
It was pretty good.....perhaps a little hokey....but okay.
Kinda reminded me of the Alexander Henry lumber jack
fabric......only these guys had thier shirts on............

After the show we just HAD to find the quilt shop..........
I know, I know........what a surprise..........

We only had 6 hours at this port, but we had
heard about a hiking trail called Deer Mountain.
So off we went in search of it.
We walked about 1 1/2 miles to get to the trail head
(all up hill mind you)

We were only able to hike another 1 1/4 miles
because I was afraid that if we went any further
we would miss our ship!
We did have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains.........

I couldn't resist snapping this picture.
To me it looked like a bear slumbering in the tree.
I guess I just had bears on the brain!

Life aboard a cruise ship is pretty fun.
There is always something to do.
I participated in several Digital workshop classes
taught by a really nice young man who really knew his stuff.
We learned how to work with our digital pictures and
the computer and lots and lots of other cool things.

I took a tour of the kitchen.
Here I am with the executive chef and two members of his team.

One of the reasons we went on this Alaskian cruise
was to be COLD so we slept with our door open each night
so we could really hear the ocean and let in the cool air.
So one night I was awakened by several blasts of the ships LOUD horn!
When I went to the door and peered out I could see nothing but FOG!
Immediately I started having Titanic visions
and got a little nervous!
The horn blasts continued, and I just couldn't get back to sleep.
Eventually I decided that I just needed to close the door ( to block some of the sound) and trust that the captain knew what he was doing......
after all I was pretty sure that he had been thru this before!
Guess he did because I'm still here.
I didn't think of it until the next day, but I guess I ~could~ have
put my life jacket on and went back to bed.
That would have been
a funny sight for Mike to wake up to!!!! LOL!


  1. I am so glad to see that you did some of the fun ship stuff. SEE why we love it? Fog horn blasts are nothing. Try a typhoon or a total power outage. We do not get scared anymore and just look at each thing a wonderful exciting adventure!

  2. I am pleased you had a great time and I can see your sleeping bear as well. Your brave to get that close to a bear I don't think I could.
    Big Hugs
    ps Hope the weather is cooling down for you.