Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Cruise stop : Victoria Canada

Our last stop on our cruise was Victoria Canada.
Unfortunately this stop was only for 5 hours AND
it was at night!
We had scheduled a tour of Butchart Gardens.
Talk about breathtaking! I've never seen so many
colors in my life! I kept wishing that my garden at
home could look half as nice!
(Mike said that if we owned a concrete company
and had alot of gardeners to work on it our garden
could look the same........)
While we were on the cruise we were seated for dinner with a lovely family
from Ohio who also went to Butchart Gardens so we decided to
make this tour together.

Turns out that David was the ship's doctor!
He works full-time back in Ohio at a hospital,
but "works" his vacations as a cruise ship doctor!
His wife Sue and son were along on the trip as well.
I've told people since I"ve been home that we met
Dr. Bricker on the cruise.......some of the young people
I've told DID NOT GET IT!
Guess I'm dating myself.

The gardens were lovely, but I was a little disappointed
with the tour. There were THOUSANDS of people there
so it was a little hard to relax and enjoy the extreme beauty
of this eden when you were constantly dodging people.
It was also disappointing that this tour took place when
the daylight was fading fast.

At any rate, we had a lovely time with this nice family
at the Butchart Gardens. It is an amazing
can read more about it here:


  1. I'm with you I would love to have a graden like that, sorry you didn't get to enjoy it fully.
    Big Hugs

  2. I have see Butchart Gardens in the daylight and will be to see it for a night tour in a couple weeks. I think we dock there at 5pm. Now I wonder if we should skip it?