Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Design Journal

As you all know I recently entered an apron contest with my friend Linda.
Well, we did not win.
But that's okay, because we really had alot of fun doing it!
Well, Now they are having a Journal cover contest!
Here's the link:
I don't know if I will enter or not.....
(probably will....who wants to be my partner?)
but I have already made up a journal cover
and it was alot of fun!
AND I really love it!
Here it is:
I decided to make a Design Journal
and in it put all of the projects that I make.
I still need to make some sort of closure
for this journal
AND add some sort of embellishment,
But I'm doing some "Fart"ing tomorrow
and I need this design book!
(FART is an acronym for
Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!)
The front pages contain sticky notes with
shopping notes.........things I need to get to
finish up projects!

This page contains the Haunted House project that I am doing.
It has notes pertaining to thread that I need to complete the project
and a blank page to write down any thoughts I might have about
this project.
(Carole and Christina...........You have created a monster!)

This entry is the Harmonic Convergence quilt that I started
with Jenny and Rafael before they got married.
I took each of them (separately) to a quilt store and asked
them to pick out 2 fabrics that they liked, then I put them
together as a "convergence" quilt.
It's a great story!
I just need to finish up this project!
So that is kinda the purpose of the Design Journal.............
I'll carry it with me
and have a visual reminder of the projects that I want
to finish up!
I think you should go to this link and
make yourself one of these journals!
Tell me what you think!
Leave me a comment!


  1. I love this idea and will have to start one of my own. You are a great "monster" friend and I enjoy all the creating that we do together. Happy "f.a.r.t" playing. I'll be anxious to see that one when I get back. Carole

  2. It looks great and good luck with the comp. I have had a design book for a few years, I would be lost with out it.
    Big hugs bec

  3. Great Idea, hope you win !!!
    you are a fun Monster ( sorry )
    can't wait till we go on our
    Road Trip! it will be Fun,Fun,
    Fun. CM.

  4. I think those new things we bought at Michaels will jazz up your journal alot. All your friends will want to have one now.