Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

On Saturday I was able to spend some time in my studio
both quilting and doing some embroidery.
I started this Anita Goodman Design that will eventually
be a Haunted House!
This is the first of 12 blocks.
Each square takes about 3 hours to embroider,
but when it is done it is spectacular!
While the machine was doing the embroidery I did some
quilting on this glorious quilt all pieced in flannel fabric.
Unfortunately you can't see the quilting lines in this picture,
I tried some of Sue Pattens quilting designs.
I had the pleasure of attending one of Sue's classes at
Innovations a couple of years ago and she is fabulous!
Very energetic and a very accomplished quilter!
This quilt will become the "blanket of love"
and will wrap around a child who has cancer.
It is a very cozy and warm quilt and I made sure
to quilt lots and lots of love into it.
Rosie, of Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego California,
goes to "Camp Reach for the Sky" each summer and gives each
child (and thier siblings) a quilt for thier very own.
Rosie has volunteer piecers who put the quilt top together
and longarmers (like me) who then quilt the tops.
This link will take you to Rosie's website:
This link will take you to a website with pictures and stories
from the children who receive these quilts and also
tell you how you can be involved in this worthy cause:
The weekend is coming to a close as it is
already Sunday evening.
Today was the final game in the
Soccer Tournament in South Africa
and Mike had Brian (and his greyhound Audrey),
Rafael and Jenny,
and Jerry and his son over for the game today.
Unfortunately the USA team lost to the
Brazilian team, but it was still
a great game and certainly wonderful to visit with
our kids and friends.


  1. Great job on EVERYTHING! I am so proud of you starting the Halloween Quilt. I'm working on the binding and will post soon. Are you enjoying?? Carole

  2. Yep, I am enjoying doing the Halloween Quilt Carole!
    I did another square today!

  3. Looking Good Tammy !!!
    Great Job. CM.

  4. Thanks Christina!
    However, I had some issues with the embroidery of the "Land that I love" shirt.
    The shirt looked so simple, but there was ALOT of stitching in it!
    AND I didn't stabalize it good enough!