Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday

It's a new day and a new week bursting with

amazing possibilities and opportunities!

Like maybe this will be the week that I get my sewing room organized.

Or maybe I'll get my house clean from top to bottom!

Or maybe I"ll lose 10 pounds!

HEY! It all starts with a dream and a desire to do it!

I DID finish with the paint in Jenny's old bedroom

AND Mike got the bed set back up.

This room contains the furniture that I grew up with.

My parents bought me this furniture from Sears and Roebuck

(whatever happened to Roebuck I wonder?) when I was 8 years old

and I've had it ever since.
Isn't it great? I love it.

Someday I want to restore it since it has alot of nicks and stains

on the surface, but I just don't think I could match the beauty

of the original paint.

I finished the quilting on this quilt for Liz.

I used a rose stencil for the first time and I really like how

it turned out.

My friend Linda and I have entered an apron contest.
You can go to this website to add a comment on our aprons.

I guess how it goes is that they have a panel of
judges that will select finalists and after that it
goes to the website and viewers can
vote for thier favorite.
I'll certainly let you know if we make the finalists!

Because if we do I'll be asking for VOTES!
I chose to make my apron out of Alexander Henry
FIREMEN fabric. I thought that this would be appropriate
for me since I used to set the fire alarm off every time I cooked!
It would be handy to have fireman in the kitchen! LOL!

I embroidered this cute apron for my friend Kathy's birthday.
Carole and Christina were over on Friday and they
always teach me alot about my embroidery machine!

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