Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..........

I finished up this sweet little kitty cat quilt today for Maryanne.

Each cat is made of a different cat fabric.

I've been collecting cat fabrics for awhile now, intending

to make a quilt similar to this one.

Here is a detail shot of some of the quilting that I did.

This little kitty was quilted in, along with some swirls

to represent curling cat tails.

I even quilted in some MICE!

Each kitty was "stitched in the ditch" and received
a heart.

I"m on to my next book.
This time it is Jodi Picoult's
"My Sister's Keeper"

This writer has such a compelling way with words.
I just hate to put the book down.
The story starts with a family of 4.....a dad, mom, boy and girl.
Thier family is complete!
Until the girl develops lukemia at the tender age of 2,
so the mom and dad decide to have another child,
basically to "save" the first little girl.
In each chapter the story changes you get to see
the story unfold from each person's perspective.
At the age of 13, the second girl, Anna,
has had enough of being "harvasted" and
decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body!
I'm only on chapter 5 and I can tell you this...........
it is a powerful
and emotionally charged book.
I"ve found that I can "walk" on the gazelle and read at the same time,
kinda makes me want to go out and exercise!
Just so I can read!!!
So I think I will..............
I'll be skinny before you know it!

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