Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It all began in a Garden

Phew! Finally a full day to just quilt!
Things have been so busy that I have not been able to block out enough time to QUILT! (ie....WORK)

I've just about finished the large king-sized quilt that I have been wanting to work on for weeks now.
There always seemed to be a reason that I couldn't start on batting was not wide enough, the store in California where I get my batting did not have any in stock when I was there, not a big enough block of time to actually work on the quilt and finish it, (I don't like to leave my quilts on the frame for long periods of time) and the last reason, I guess, is that I was just procrastinating doing this quilt because of it's size. I was worried that I'd flare up my elbows again and that scared me.

Well............GREAT NEWS! I was worried for nothing.......I've been quilting most of the morning and I feel pretty good! Maybe the long absence from quilting helped the ole elbows heal abit. Hallalujuh!

Since I'm taking a little break before I finish off the quilt I decided to write about my garden.

Last year for Mother's Day I asked my husband for a tree.

We have this beautiful mulberry tree in our side yard that has a wonderful large and shady canopy.
That tree is one of the reasons we bought this house.
This tree shades over 1/2 of the side yard.

But I wanted another tree at the other end. Sorta as a back-up in case anything ever happened to the mulberry.

So this is the way the yard looked on Mother's Day 2008:

Mike is out digging the holes to plant TWO trees

This is what it looks like today! May 2009

Mother's Day 2008

May 2009

My Pot sculpture has really grown in a years time.

I received some hollyhock seeds from a good friend and just
yesterday I finally got my first blooms!