Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Surprise!

On Saturday I was invited to spend a delightful afternoon with two of my favorite girls in the world.....Jenny and Jen. They wanted to take me out for pedicures, a movie, shopping and happy hour. We had a fabulous time. We also managed to run over to Jenny's new house to have a look around. And then there were some mysterious phone calls..............

And when we arrived back at MY house I was told that something was really wrong out in my garden and I really needed to quickly go out and look!

Of course what I found was a yardful of wonderful friends assembled by my sweet husband to surprise me for my 50th birthday!!!!!!! Which by the way, was actually 2 months ago!

How Many Times must a girl be reminded that she is FIFTY!!!!!??????


Many dressed 50's style with rolled up jeans
and hair slicked back
Jen's grandma made her a poodle skirt for the occasion!

My dear husband and master-mind of this surprise
kept everyone's glass filled.
He bought a Margarita Maker especially for this
occasion. I'm anxious to try to make some Sonic style
smoothies with it this summer!

There was plenty of food from BobbyQ's
on the back porch.

Rafael and Jen filled plates with cake and ice cream.

Mike set up 4 banquet tables in the pool area.

It was a great night and it made me feel really special that my husband would plan this and so many friends and family came to help me celebrate. AGAIN!

Sunday, of course was Mother's Day!
So I got to spend another whole day with my family!

God has richly blessed our family with love, and laughter
and health and good times and lots of wonderful friends
and I am soooooooooo very thankful!