Monday, April 6, 2009

The Pox

I am trying really hard to get motivated to work today.
It is almost 2:30pm and I have not accomplished much so far.
The morning started at 6:30am
with a vigorous hike on the mountain,
a stop at Jenny and Rafael's house to let in the tile man,
then back home to work/water my garden.
So I am puttering around in the garden when I hear......
"mom? are you out there?"
It was Rafael. His boss had sent him home from work strongly suggesting that he go to Urgent Care to have those suspicious spots on his arms checked out.
The spots had shown up yesterday, but I advised him to just sleep on it and see what happened.
Well, today they really started looking like Chicken Pox.
Sure enough, when we went to urgent care,
that's what the doc confirmed.
I'm keeping my hopes up that all I have heard
about chicken pox as an adult
are not true!
We had an extrememly busy weekend filled with
new house stuff, quilting stuff,
attending a wedding of a dear friend,
celebrating the birthday of a dear friend,
celebrating the birthday of my dear son!
who somehow turned 25 this year.
I sure don't know how this can be
when I am only a couple of
years older than that!

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