Friday, April 3, 2009

Good things come in LARGE packages sometimes!

I am starting on a yucky subject,
but I've kept the best news for last!

After reviewing the results of my MRI my doctor left me a message last week instructing me to go and see a spine specialist. Unfortunately he didn't give me any indication as the WHY he wanted me to see the specialist, so I called his office and left a message asking "WHY?". I really don't want to call this spine specialist without knowing why I need to see him. I've been getting a little disgruntled since there has been no calls returned by the doc, even after I called twice. So I have a decision to make...........Call again with an even firmer request.........Find a new doctor and get my records transferred........Take matters into my own hands and stretch, exercise and take pain pills. For now I think I've taken the third option, but since this problem keeps coming back I think I won't be able to ignore it for very long.

I am slowly working thru the pile of quilts that I have hanging in my closet to do. I"ve been pacing myself by working on the longarm frame and mixing that up with sitting at the sewing machine or doing household chores.

This was a fun quilt to work on:

This is what the back of the quilt looked like: Detail shot:

This quilt had a very traditional feel to it:
Each block had a different beautiful floral embroidery.

Ending on the happiest note possible.............

Jenny and Rafael got the keys to thier new house last night!
They bought a very nice house that is located right next to the mountain that I hike on. It is a sweet little house and will just perfect for them.

Mike gave them thier first housewarming gift:
Every new house needs toilet paper, right?

I know they probably can't wait for work to end today!

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