Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quilters join the 21st Century!

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A few months back I wrote about how I hurt my elbows and after procrastinating for some time I finally went to the doctor, who promptly gave me pretty new arm bands to wear, some meds, and sent me to 4 weeks of physical therapy for 6+ hours a week! My elbows improved for a time, but when I returned to my regular quilting work my left elbow flared up again and very painfully let me know it.
In the past at this point I would have just given up and decided that I would have to learn to live with it!
But not this time! I called and went in to see the doc AGAIN!
However I did something a little differently this time...........I took some pictures of the quilting machine that I operate. I figured that he needed to see exactly what I was doing, so perhaps he could better help me!
His reponse AMAZED me!
He immediately started typing away at his laptop.....asked me the name of the machine and said
"I thought that quilters just sat around a frame and talked!"

At any rate, I feel like I was taken a little more seriously, he checked out now only my elbows, but my neck and back as well. I have some new meds, MORE PT, and an appointment for an MRI.

I think I'll take the pictures with me when I go for PT. They could probably give me some pointers too!

But for the record:

Quilters have joined the 21st century!

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  1. Congratulation Tammy! You make really wonderfull works.