Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baccus Wine tasting

Last night we went to Bacchus, a wine bar in Keirland Commons to celebrate the birthday of our daughter-in-law. She really wanted to do a wine tasting and share a birthday cake with the other attendees of the wine tasting.
Last night we did a blind taste test of 6 different wines and we had to guess which country the wine was made in. The person with the most
correct answers won a free tasting. No one at our table won!
Bacchus is a really sweet wine bar with plenty of atmosphere, friendly people and great wine. Here is the link to thier website:
I finally got a picture of the t-shirt quilt that I was working on:
This is a 20 shirt quilt done in a Twist and Turn pattern.
One of the ladies that I quilt for got this idea to make pillow shams for her bed that would match the t-shirt quilts that she has made. Here are some pictures of the quilting of those shams-to be:

These shams will match the Patriotic T-shirt quilt.
and the shams below will match the quilt that she made for her daughter.
It is really neat how the quilter matched the t-shirts with traits of the people who will receive the quilt.

I am getting ready to go to Christopher Creek for a weekend quilting retreat! I've been trying to work and get alot done so I can enjoy my time away. We have had such wonderful weather, but they have been talking about a storm coming thru this weekend. Since I will be further up North, there is a pretty good chance that we might get some SNOW up there! What a cool treat for us desert dwellers!

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