Friday, February 27, 2009

Secret Garden

Last weekend we had 7 ton of rock delivered to be placed in my secret garden area.

It was really hard work removing the cement divider.
At first Mike was using a sledge hammer and crow bar........

but they finally borrowed a cement driller from our neighbor
and it made the work a little easier.
And hauling all of that rock was no picnic either.

But boy does it look good now!

Future plans include making more flower beds along the back side of the fence. I think that might be this weekend's project. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, however they are forcasting 90 degree weather for Sunday. NOT the best way to begin March! Hopefully it won't get TOO hot TOO soon!

I've started COMPOSTING!
Here is one of my bins:

This year we gathered all of the leaves that
fell from the trees and have
been putting them into these makeshift bins.
I put all of my kitchen
scraps in here, water it down,
and mix it up from time to time.
I've already used one pile to enrich a
newly planted garden in another area
of our yard.
I've got the neighbor bringing me HER kitchen scraps too!

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