Monday, December 1, 2008

So much to be Thankful for........

Thanksgiving turned into an entire weekend for us. First we had dinner at Darcy's house and then helped her get up her Christmas decorations. I think that is a cool idea! Wish I had thought of it!

Jenny and Rafael made deviled eggs. They had a contest to see whose recipe was better. I believe that Jenny won.........but or course it was Rafael's first time at making them so I imagine that he'll get better with some practice!

Lots of food at Darcy's!

Brian and Jen putting the garland on the tree.

Rafael, Mike and Brady trying to fix up the playpen.

Mike and Grandpa Jack put a peep-hole in the door.

Grandma Lou makes the best Apple pies I have ever tasted!

Thursday night we had our annual Thanksgiving Baldi Bonfire. Unfortunately mother nature did not cooperate and it started raining about a 1/2 hour before people started to arrive. The rain stopped, but it had rained hard enough for everything to be really soggy. Mike saved the day by bringing the firepit up to between the porch and the pool. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the fire from there. However we didn't get to burn any Christmas trees this year!

On Friday we did a little shopping, but most of the afternoon was spent preparing for cooking another Thanksgiving dinner which we had on Saturday. Mike and I, Brian and Jen and Jenny and Rafael all enjoyed dinner together on Saturday night. After dinner we played marbles.

It is high time to get back to quilting! BUT my Millie and I need to make friends again! It has been so long since I quilted that we have forgotten each other! AND to add insult to injury the weather has changed drastically since I"ve quilted so we are both a little on the cold side and it is taking us a litte longer than expected to warm up! My Millie (short for Millenium....the name of the machine I have) is being a little tempermental today, so I have turned her off and will resume quilting a little later in the day.

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